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Fighting Against Corruption in Ukraine

Working from within and without government to end the scourge

We are working in Ukraine, through the USAID-funded Support to Anti-Corruption Champion Institutions (SACCI) program to help reduce corruption—which damages prospects for economic growth, democratic governance, and national security.

Corruption a staggering problem for the country—from oligarchs influencing public policy, to individuals being required to pay bribes for basic services such as education and healthcare.

Our work involves helping the country implement reforms so institutions are better able to prevent, detect, and fight corruption. The program is empowering “champions” to drive the effort forward at the national, regional, and local levels.

Outside of government, we are increasing citizens’ awareness and understanding of corruption, so they are less tolerant of corruption. Additional work is strengthening civil society and government engagement to improve trust and provide opportunities to participate in anti-corruption efforts. Youth, in particular, who represent the country’s future, are being targeted to play a major role.

For over two decades, we have been implementing projects in Ukraine. This includes working hand-in-hand with our partners on the ground to promote greater transparency and accountability in government, enhance the rule of law and access to justice for citizens, stimulate greater use of investigative journalism, and strengthen citizen engagement. We have also encouraged regulatory reforms, streamlined entities in the public financial sector, and supported the use of the electronic procurement system, Pro-Zorro, countrywide.

Our long history in Ukraine has required—and continues to require us and our partners—to act with flexibility, agility, and keen attention to the political and social challenges.