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Contributing Vital Monitoring and Evaluation Support in South Sudan

Working hand in hand with USAID to put communities at the center of resilience programming

Since 2013, we have provided flexible, demand-driven technical, analytic, advisory, training, evaluation, strategic communications and related program cycle support services to assist USAID’s Mission in South Sudan.

We monitor the effectiveness and sustainability of development efforts, and help to strengthen evidence-based decision-making, while also building partner capacity.

Despite continuing conflict and security concerns, we carry out important monitoring and evaluation and program support activities across the country to improve the quality and management of performance monitoring data, gather credible evidence about programming, and raise greater awareness of program performance to internal and external audiences.

Our team is currently playing a key role in supporting the Roadmap to Resilience and Recovery, an innovative partnership to formulate and implement approaches for more strategically integrated humanitarian and development services in targeted pilot communities affected by the dire food security crisis. By developing a collaboration, learning and adaption platform to generate evidence and create a forum for best practices, partners will be able to share lessons to improve programming.