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MSI’s Enduring Commitment to Gender Equality

In honor of International Women's Day, Technical Manager Jessica Ngo reflects on MSI's culture of gender equality and our pursuit of EDGE certification
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Adapting Third Party Monitoring in the Context of COVID-19

In the span of a few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many facets of political, economic, and social life around the globe, posing challenges for every region, country, and community.

This is Not a Drill: Communicating in the Wake of COVID-19

MSI VP Ellen Yount shares her top tips for crisis communications
COVID-19 Quick Guidance for Third-Party Monitoring
Adapting Research Approaches for COVID-19 Decision-Making
Colombia's Story, By Colombians: Meet Them Where They Are
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MSI New Frontiers in International Development Monitoring

Join donor, non-profit, and research sector leaders for an afternoon of discussion and debate on data and monitoring in development.
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Tipping the Scales: Shifting from Projects to Scalable Solutions in Fragile States

Larry Cooley, MSI President Emeritus, and Jonathan Papoulidis, from World Vision, recently combined forces to co-author an article on the importance of applying a scaling up approach to confront vulnerabilities in fragile states.
“Meeting the need for widespread, tangible and sustainable progress in fragile states is the standard by which our generation of development actors should be judged.”
Larry Cooley