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Change the World with MSI

MSI is a leading consulting firm with niche expertise in international development and other sectors
Our Impact

MSI's Executive Management Team Releases Equity Statement

We're working to build an equitable, diverse and inclusive organization.

Mitigating the Impacts of Venezuelan Mass Migration in Colombia

Visual Story
We're supporting institutions and organizations at the intersection of Venezuelan mass migration, COVID-19 and the Peace Agreement
MSI Chooses to Challenge Workplace Inequality
Scaling Development Outcomes
Can Taking a More Nuanced Look at Corruption Produce Results?
Our Experts
Our technical staff are multi-cultural, dynamic individuals with deep roots and experience in the countries and communities where we work, and as a result have a strong desire to see our partnerships succeed.
Our Services
We work every day on some of the toughest front lines of development – with a commitment to the people and communities where we work.
Work with Us
Our diverse and dedicated international development professionals range from recent graduate students to seasoned experts.